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SIAA Monthly – June 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – June edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Savings for Australians through electrifying everything  The planet is heating. Fires and floods are hitting our communities. Beautiful natural places […]

SIAA Monthly – May 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – May edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Nature abhors a vacuum This axiom, a bedrock of the physical and social sciences, is attributed to Ancient Greek philosopher […]

SIAA Monthly – April 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – April edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Climate disclosures: From voluntary to mandatory reporting  Severe weather-related events exacerbated by a changing climate, such as floods, droughts and […]

SAFAA Monthly – March 2022

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Personalised advice at scale: introducing mass tailored portfolio management | Why wealth management’s generation of rent-takers will be overtaken by tech-savvy entrepreneurs The case for combining public […]

SAFAA Monthly – Feb 2022

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Loss of purchasing power emerges as key investment risk: New thinking on asset allocation needed as inflation and rates hit inflection point. “A financial legacy of the pandemic […]