SIAA Monthly – December 2022

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    • Five consumer trends impacting advice and your selection of technology 
      Technology is increasingly seamless as it integrates with our daily activities. Now, when we encounter a digital experience that isn’t smooth, it can be a deeply jarring and disconcerting. As a result, the digital experience we provide our clients needs to be intuitive, designed to meet their habits and it must work.
    • Improving returns through smarter trading
      Stockbrokers, smaller institutions, financial advice groups, family offices and other wholesale investors can improve efficiency, and even returns, by the way they trade their stock market investments.
    • ASX investment product trends
      Total assets under management of all ASX Investment Products stands at $378b as at the end of October 2022. There are now more than 600 investment products available on the ASX to enable investors and their advisers to build quality portfolios…
    • SPONSORED ARTICLE: Are you tired of instability in the markets? Corporate bonds can help hedge against the next crash.
      Corporate bonds can help you diversify your clients’ investment portfolios and serve as a defensive strategy for capital preservation. They yield larger returns than cash and should generally keep up with inflation. Corporate bonds will create stability for your clients and help protect against the next financial crash.


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