Building the client relationship

Strong client relationships are the foundation of service-based businesses. Getting a new client relationship off the ground can take a lot of time and investment. Long-term relationships need nurturing.

Building the client relationship engages, secures and retains the client. While many factors lead to your success, one essential step is creating a solid foundation of clients who return to you over time and send future business your way through referrals.

For stockbrokers and financial advisers, whose professional relationship with their clients is one of trust and confidence, it is an essential part of the business model.

Developed by SAFAA for the stockbroking and investment advice industry, this new workshop addresses client care and practice — one of the challenging FASEA CPD areas. It helps you ensure that the relationship with your client enables your business success.

Learning outcomes

During this interactive workshop, experienced stockbroker Russell McKimm will address the following key areas:

  • Why will a client choose you?
  • Understanding yourself and what you offer
  • Selling your value proposition
  • Communicating with clients
  • Responding to changing needs and circumstances
  • Presentation skills
  • Documentation


FASEA CPD Areas 2.0 hours:
2.0 hour Client care and practice

ASIC Knowledge Requirements
2.0 hours Generic knowledge


This interactive workshop includes a 15 minute break and will be held via Zoom Meeting. All participants will be encouraged to share their video and participate verbally as questions are asked.

Handouts will be provided.

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Telephone 02 8080 3200

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