Practitioner member

Practitioner membership is open to suitably qualified professionals in the securities, derivatives and investment advice industry. A person will be eligible to apply for Practitioner membership if they:

  • can demonstrate that they are a fit and proper person
  • can meet SIAA’s knowledge and skills requirements
  • commit to all applicable CPD requirements
  • undertake to abide by SIAA’s Code of Conduct
  • agree to be subject to SIAA’s Conduct Review & Disciplinary System.

There are two Practitioner Membership categories.

Practitioner member (MeSIAA)

To be eligible, you must have employment experience providing professional advice and/or services in an operations or management capacity within the stockbroking and financial advisory industry, and that advice must be focused on securities, both listed and unlisted.

Master Practitioner member (MSIAA)

To be eligible, you must have spent at least seven (7) of the last 10 years in an advising, operations or management capacity with one or more Market Participant or a Principal member of SIAA.

CPD store

Accessible via the member portal, we maintain a CPD store with details of all the education and training courses taken by members. SIAA’s CPD accredited webinars accounts for 75% of required CPD.

If you are an employee of a Principal member of SIAA, a fast-track application process is available, as SIAA is able to rely upon the imprimatur of the Principal member.

If you are not an employee of a Principal member, you will need to have two current SIAA Practitioner members propose and second your application for membership and provide a National Police Check – less than two (2) years old, as well as fulfilling other requirements.

SIAA’s Profession Committee and its Board of Directors approve all membership applications.

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Should you have any queries about membership, please contact our Member Services Manager at 
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