The Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) advocates for ethical, efficient and stable listed equity and debt markets in Australia.

SAFAA distils the views of its Principal Members into coherent advice for government, regulators and exchanges.

SAFAA’s Principal Members include leading Market Participants.

The focus of SAFAA’s Advocacy work is on listed securities and derivatives, whether equity or debt, as this is the core business of its Principal Members.

SAFAA’s Principal Members employ approximately 3,000 stockbrokers and financial advisers.

These 3,000 men and women operate within a strict compliance regime, and are scrutinised by the exchanges and ASIC.

Because of this intense oversight, complaints against stockbrokers and financial advisers employed by SAFAA Principal Members are miniscule. In fact, successful FOS decisions about persons employed by SAFAA’s Principal Members amounted to just 8 in the year to June 30, 2017. This is in the context of 39,479 complaints to FOS about other classes of persons providing financial advice, such as life insurance, mortgages, planning and so on. It is also in the context of 1.5 million trades every day on the exchanges.

SAFAA is proud of the reputation for ethical conduct demonstrated by its Principal and Practitioner Members.



Submission To Subject Date
Tax Practitioners Board TPB discussion paper: TPB(DP) D1/2020 — Continuing Professional Education Requirements 17/03/2020
Treasury Hayne Royal Commission Response – Exposure Draft Bill and Explanatory Memorandum   28/02/2020
Treasury Review of Stamping fee exemption for Listed Investment Entities 20/02/2020
Treasury Compensation scheme of last resort discussion paper 07/02/2020
Treasury Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System submission – Retirement Income Review 04/02/2020
Treasury Retirement Income Review 30/01/2020



Submission To Subject Date
FASEA Code of Ethics Guidance Note GN002  22/11/2019
Treasury Financial Services Royal Commission (FSRC) Implementation — Reference Checking 08/10/2019
ASIC ASIC CP 314: Market Integrity Rules for Technological and Operational Resilience  22/08/2019
ASIC ASIC CP 311: Internal Dispute Resolution 09/08/2019
AFCA SAFAA Comments on the Identification of Firms 18/06/2019
Treasury Capping claims on the National Guarantee Fund 02/05/2019
AFCA SAFAA Comments on Legacy Complaints Scheme 12/04/2019
ASIC ASIC CP 306: Market Disciplinary Panel 25/01/2019



Submission To Subject Date
FASEA Relevant Providers Exam – Legislative Instrument Comments by Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association 27/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, Code of Ethics 19/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, Education 14/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, CPD 13/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instruments, Provisional Relevant Provider term and Professional Year standards 30/11/2018
Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Implications of Removing Refundable Franking Credits
Fact Sheet
FASEA FASEA CPD Proposal 30/08/2018
FASEA FASEA PDY Proposal 17/08/2018
ASIC Proposed Changes to ASIC’s Capital Requirements for Market Participants 15/08/2018
ASX ASX Proposed Changes to CHESS Subregister 10/08/2018
AFCA AFCA – Application of Proposed Rules to Wholesale Clients 02/08/2018
FASEA FASEA National Exam Proposal 31/07/2018
AFCA Proposed AFCA Rules 29/06/2018
FASEA Proposed Guidance on Education Pathways for Existing Advisers 29/06/2018
ASIC ASIC CP 300 Code Compliance Schemes 28/06/2018
FASEA  Code of Ethics for Financial Advisers  29/05/2018
Rice Warner Research into Removing the refundability of franking credits 02/05/2018
Treasury  Treasury Product Design Bill  15/02/2018
ASIC ASIC Draft Regulatory Guidance – Management Requirements 13/02/2018


Submission To Subject Date
Treasury Consultation Paper November 2017: Australian Financial Complaints Authority TOR Issues 20/11/2017
ASIC Consultation Paper 290: Sell Side Research 06/09/2017
ASIC Response Spreadsheet: CP 290 06/09/2017
Treasury Submission to Treasury EDR Panel Review Supplementary Consultation Paper 13/06/2017
ASIC Submission: Breach Reporting Consultation Paper No 1 11/05/2017
ASIC Consultation Paper 277: Proposals to consolidate the ASX Market Integrity Rules 13/03/2017
ASX CHESS Replacement 15/02/2017
Treasury Submission to Treasury EDR Review Panel 07/02/2017
ASX ASX Cancellations 03/02/2017


Submission To Subject Date
ASX National Guarantee fund (NGF) – Proposals for Reform 10/11/2016
ASX National Guarantee fund (NGF) – Proposals for Reform 10/11/2016
 ASX Consultation Paper: ASX’s replacement of CHESS for Equity-Post Trade services 28/10/2016
 Treasury Treasury submission EDR Review  07/10/2016
 ASIC Consultation Paper 260 – Further measures to facilitate innovation in Financial Services 21/07/2016
 ASIC Financial Benchmarks Regulatory Reform  20/04/2016


Submission To Subject Date
Treasury Draft Legislation and Explanatory Memorandum 18/12/2015
Treasury Proposed Industry Funding Model 09/10/2015
Treasury Lifting the Professional, Ethical and Educational Standards in the Financial Services Industry 07/05/2015
Treasury FSI Final Report 2015 31/03/2015
Treasury Council of Financial Regulators – Review of Competition in Clearing Australian Cash Equities February 2015 30/03/2015
Chi-X CP1/2015: The Chi-X Multi Asset Platform and The Chi-X Market Maker Regime 25/03/2015


Submission To Subject Date
Treasury FOFA – Draft Adviser Register Regulations 17/12/2014
ASX Consultation Paper: Reducing Red Tape – Proposed Amendments to Admission and Notification Requirements 11/12/2014
Senate Economics
References Committee
Inquiry into the Scrutiny of Financial Advice 05/12/2014
Australian National Audit
Review of Australian Taxation Office’s Administration of Capital Gains Tax 18/11/2014
ASIC Consultation Paper 222: Reducing red tape – Proposed amendments to the market integrity rules 09/10/2014
Senate Economics
Legislation Committee
Further Inquiry into the provisions of the Corporations Amendment (Streamlining of Future of Financial Advice) Bill 2014 15/09/2014
Australian Taxation Office Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act  FATCA – Comments on Draft ATO Guidance dated 30 May 2014 12/06/2014
Tax Practitioners Board Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (‘TASA’) – What is a tax (financial) advice service in Stockbroking – UPDATE 04/06/2014
ASX ETO Expiry Date – Automatic Exercise and other Proposals 19/05/2014
Tax Practitioners Board Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (‘TASA’) –  What is a tax (financial) advice service in Stockbroking? 14/05/2014
Senate Economics
Legislation Committee
Corporations Amendment (Streamlining of Future of Financial Advice) Bill 2014  28/04/2014
Treasury Dividend Washing Draft Amending Legislation 14/04/2014
ASX Shortening the Settlement Cycle in Australia: Transitioning to T+2 for Cash Equities 07/04/2014
The Financial System
Financial System Inquiry 31/03/2014
Treasury Discussion Paper – Improving Tax Compliance – Enhanced Third Party Reporting, Pre-Filling and Data Matching 11/03/2014
Treasury Corporations Amendment (Streamlining of Future of Financial Advice) Bill & Regulations 2014 19/02/2014
ATO ATO: Draft Taxation Determination TD 2014/D1 – Dividend Washing 13/02/2014
AUSTRAC Draft Amendments to AML/CTF Rules relating to Customer Due Diligence 24/01/2014


Submission To Subject Date
ASX Proposed Changes to ASX Enforcement and AppealsRule Book –Trade Cancellation Appeals 04/1/2013
ASIC Consultation Paper 214 – Updated record-keeping obligations for AFS licensees 01/11/2013
ASIC Consultation Paper 212 – Licensing: Training of financial product advisers – update to RG146; Consultation Paper 215 Assessment and approval of training courses for financial product advisers: Update to RG146 10/10/2013
AUSTRAC Discussion Paper – Customer Due Diligence Reform 30/09/2013
ASX ASX Cash Equity Market Account Segregation, Portability and Rescheduled Settlements Financial Stability Standards Implementation 06/08/2013
ASIC Consultation Paper 208 – ASX Managed Funds Service: Relief from the application form requirement 07/08/2013
ASIC  Retail/Wholesale Client Definition – ASIC QFS150 18/06/2013
Treasury Extension of Marketing Integrity Rules to Shadow Brokers 17/06/2013
Treasury Dividend Washing 17/06/2013
ASX ASX Clear Cash Margining 27/05/2013
ASIC Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) : Further Stockbroking Exemptions 16/05/2013
ASIC Proposed Market Integrity Rules : APX Market 13/05/2013
ASIC Consultation Paper CP 202 : Dark Liquidity and High Frequency Trading Proposals 13/05/2013
ASIC Consultation Paper CP 200 – Managed Discretionary Accounts : Update to RG179 13/05/2013
Parliamentary Joint
Committee on Corporations
and Financial Services
Inquiry into the Corporations Amendment (Simple Corporate Bonds and Other Measures) Bill 2013 16/04/2013
Treasury Clarifying Market Compensation Regimes 27/03/2013
Treasury Draft Law Amendments – Aquisitions and Disposals of Listed Securities by SMSFs and Related 04/01/2013


Submission To Subject Date
ASIC Consultation Paper CP 189 – FOFA: Conflicted Remuneration 09/11/2012
ASIC Consultation Paper CP 183 – Giving Information, general advice and scaled advice 25/10/2012
ASIC Consultation Paper CP 182 – FOFA: Best Interests duty and relation obligations – Update to RG175 25/10/2012
Treasury Consultation Paper – Competition in Clearing & Settlement 12/08/2012
Treasury Discussion Paper – Richard St John Compensation Arrangements Report 04/07/2012
Treasury Discussion Paper – FOFA: Stockbrokers Carve-outs 29/06/2012
ASX Consultation Paper – Strengthening Australia’s Equity Capital Markets 15/05/2012
Treasury Discussion Paper – FOFA: Stockbrokers Carve-outs 06/03/2012
Treasury Treasury Discussion Paper: Handling and Use of Client Money in Relation to Over-The-Counter Derivatives Transactions 07/02/2012
ASIC Consultation Paper CP171 – Strengthening the regulation of research providers 09/02/2012
ASIC Consultation Paper CP168 – Australian Equity Market Structure 10/02/2012


Submission To Subject Date
Senate Economics
Legislation Committee
FOFA – Corporations Amendment Bill 21/12/2011
Parlimentary Joint
Committee on Corporations
and Financial Services
FOFA – Corporations Amendment Bill 21/12/2011
Treasury Council of Financial Regulators – Review 09/12/2011
Treasury FOFA – Corporations Amendment Bill 20/10/2011
Treasury FOFA – Corporations Amendment Bill 20/09/2011
Treasury FOFA – Ban on Commissions Impact on Stockbrokers 5/08/2011
Treasury FOFA – Ban on Commissions 30/06/2011
ASIC Consultation Paper 153 Licensing: Assessment and professional development framework for financial advisers April 2011 2/06/2011
Treasury St John Compensation review 2/06/2011
ASIC ASIC Consultation Paper CP 152 – Adopting ASX policy 11/05/2011
ASIC ASIC Consultation Paper CP 147 – Hedge Funds Disclosure 21/04/2011
Treasury ASX Trade Cancellation Policy 28/02/2011
ASIC Submission ASIC CP 145 Market Structure Review 17/02/11
Treasury FOFA – Wholesale & Retail Draft 11/02/2011


Submission To Subject Date
ASX ASX Trade Cancellation Policy 09/10/2010
ASX Aqua Consultation Paper and Request for Comment 05/10/2010
ASX ACH CCP Risk Management Equities Margining 12/08/2010
ASIC CP 136 Markets Disciplinary Panel 06/07/2010
ASIC CP 107 Securities Lending & Substantial Holding Disclosure 19/07/2010
Treasury Market Supervision Regulations 05/07/2010
ASX ASX Operating Rules 17/06/2010
Treasury Market Supervision Regulations 11/06/2010
Treasury Corps Amendment Bill 11/06/2010
ASIC CP 131 ASX ASIC Handover 26/03/2010
ASIC  CP 128 Confidential Information 26/02/10
ASIC CP 126 Listed Bond Submission 22/02/10


Submission To Subject Date
ASX ACH CCP Risk Management Controls 23/12/09
Treasury Reforms to the Supervision of Australia’s Financial Markets 23/12/09
ASIC FOS Terms of Reference 10/11/09
ASIC CP 118 Handling Rumours 09/11/09
Treasury Short Selling Regulations 23/10/09
ASX Takeover Indemnity Deed 16/09/09
ASIC CP114 Client Money OTC Derivatives 17/09/09
Treasury Disclosure of Equity Derivatives 10/08/09
ASIC CP108 Margin Lending Training Requirements 10/08/09
ASIC CP109 Margin Lending Financial Requirements 10/08/09
ASIC CP107 Securities Lending and Substantial Shareholding Disclosure 19/08/09
Senate Economics
Legislation Committee
Margin Lending 17/07/09
Treasury Unsolicited Offers 23/07/09
Storm Inquiry 31/07/09
ASIC Consultation Paper CP106 11/06/09
Treasury Unfair Contract Consultation 22/05/09
Treasury Corporations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 Margin Lending 29/05/09
Treasury Short Selling Disclosure 07/04/09
ASX Partly Paid 17/04/09
AFT Henry Tax Review 29/04/09
CAMAC CAMAC Issues Paper- Aspects of Market Integrity 11/03/09
ASIC RBA on ASX Capital Requirements 02/02/09
ASIC Consultation Paper 103 – Share Purchase Plans 12/02/09