Submission To Subject Date
ASX ACH CCP Risk Management Controls 23/12/09
Treasury Reforms to the Supervision of Australia’s Financial Markets 23/12/09
ASIC FOS Terms of Reference 10/11/09
ASIC CP 118 Handling Rumours 09/11/09
Treasury Short Selling Regulations 23/10/09
ASX Takeover Indemnity Deed 16/09/09
ASIC CP114 Client Money OTC Derivatives 17/09/09
Treasury Disclosure of Equity Derivatives 10/08/09
ASIC CP108 Margin Lending Training Requirements 10/08/09
ASIC CP109 Margin Lending Financial Requirements 10/08/09
ASIC CP107 Securities Lending and Substantial Shareholding Disclosure 19/08/09
Senate Economics
Legislation Committee
Margin Lending 17/07/09
Treasury Unsolicited Offers 23/07/09
Storm Inquiry 31/07/09
ASIC Consultation Paper CP106 11/06/09
Treasury Unfair Contract Consultation 22/05/09
Treasury Corporations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 Margin Lending 29/05/09
Treasury Short Selling Disclosure 07/04/09
ASX Partly Paid 17/04/09
AFT Henry Tax Review 29/04/09
CAMAC CAMAC Issues Paper- Aspects of Market Integrity 11/03/09
ASIC RBA on ASX Capital Requirements 02/02/09
ASIC Consultation Paper 103 – Share Purchase Plans 12/02/09