Principal member

Principal members are Market Participants and advisory firms that provide securities and investment advice, execution services and equity capital-raising for Australian investors, both retail and wholesale, and for businesses.


SAFAA represents its members in advocating for better laws and regulation affecting the securities, derivatives and investment advice industry. We regularly meet with government, industry stakeholders and regulators to represent the views of our members. We keep members informed so they stay up to date on changes within the industry.

Network for professionals

We provide networks for professionals to meet and discuss their field of expertise so they stay up to date on changes within the industry. We keep members informed and bring the profession together on important issues in a complex stakeholder environment to enhance members’ skills and knowledge.

Professional development

Employees of Principal members are able to register for the SAFAA-accredited CPD webinars for free and professional development workshops and the annual conference at discounted rates. Principal member employees will also receive our SAFAA Monthly, and SAFAA Newsroom newsletters and key advocacy updates.

Organisations that hold an Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL) are eligible to apply to become a Principal member of the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association. The organisation may be either a Market Participant or a non-Market Participant.

A list of Principal members can be viewed here.

SAFAA holds members accountable to its Code of Ethical Conduct to guide professional behaviour.

To apply for Principal organisation membership, please contact the Member Services Manager on +61 2 8080 3201 or at