Member discounts

Member discounts are available for the SIAA conference, professional development workshops and RG146 and DTR accreditations.

Members can also access a range of compliance tools from Holley Nethercote HN Hub and a free Business Valuation Course, including tools for valuation.

Free Business Valuation Course

Business valuations are an integral component of any improvement program and the succession planning process and can make or break a deal. Delivered by Bstar, this free online course will help you to grow profits, improve cash flow, reduce risks and maximise the value of your business. Through it you can access a free business valuation tool.

Ducere’s scholarship opportunities

Ducere Global Business School’s vision and mission is to design and deliver the world’s most industry applied university degrees that advance students careers. Through collaboration with accrediting universities globally, Ducere design and deliver degrees that have real career impact. Ducere partner with major universities, global corporations, government departments, NGOs, and members of various global chambers to ensure their programs are current, relevant, and industry connected. University partners include Torrens University Australia, University of East London, College De Paris, Rome Business School, International University of Valencia, and more!

Ducere have a mission of both business and philanthropy, to break down all barriers to education access to everyone, everywhere. In fact, Ducere’s roots originate as a social enterprise with the Ducere Foundation, which has provided access to education across 27 African nations. Exclusive features of their degrees include:

  • Global Leader Insights: Learn from over 250+ Global Leaders including Prime Ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, and more.
  • Tailored Degrees: Students get to use their own company in every assignment, solving current business challenges while upskilling!
  • Applied Learning: Industry projects with leading companies like Qantas, LinkedIn, KPMG, and others, so you can expand your portfolio and industry knowledge. Plus, no exams, ever.
  • Graduate Globally: Study with a global cohort, and graduate in either Australia, London, Paris or Rome!
  • Recognised Prior Learning (RPL): Reduce overall course duration and fees by getting prior study or management experience recognised

To learn more about the various programs and scholarships available to SIAA members, view here.

HN Hub

An online portal designed to support Responsible Managers and compliance officers meet and maintain the licensee’s regulatory obligations. Provided by Holley Nethercote Compliance, the portal offers access to policy templates, checklists, tools and guides, as well as regulatory training, including on-demand and live webinars and regulatory alerts — all at prices exclusive to SIAA members.

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Salinger Privacy

Provides privacy consulting and advisory services, as well as a range of privacy resources, eLearning and face-to-face privacy training options.

SIAA members will receive a 20% discount on their suite of Compliance Kits which include templates, checklists and training modules.

From protecting against a significant data breach to managing the challenges of new technologies like generative AI, privacy risk management is now top of mind.

Use the discount code SIAA20 to receive 20% off any of the following Compliance Kits from Salinger Privacy: