Manage your membership

You can manage your membership online or contact us on +61 2 8080 3201 with any queries.

Renew your membership

Your membership of SAFAA underwrites our important policy and advocacy work particularly in dealing with the regulatory regime. It also helps us to help you satisfy your CPD needs. Membership renewals are issued on 1 October each year and your renewal invoice will be available on that day.

Advance your membership

You can apply to advance to Master Practitioner member if you have met the criteria for the next tier of membership. Contact our Member Services Manager on +61 2 8080 3201 or email if you wish to take up this option.

Re-join as a member

Your membership may have lapsed and you want to re-join your community of peers. You can call our Member Services Manager on +61 2 8080 3201 or email for guidance on how to re-join SAFAA.