Submission To Subject Date
FASEA Relevant Providers Exam – Legislative Instrument Comments by Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association 27/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, Code of Ethics 19/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, Education 14/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instrument, CPD 13/12/2018
FASEA FASEA legislative instruments, Provisional Relevant Provider term and Professional Year standards 30/11/2018
Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Implications of Removing Refundable Franking Credits
Fact Sheet
FASEA FASEA CPD Proposal 30/08/2018
FASEA FASEA PDY Proposal 17/08/2018
ASIC Proposed Changes to ASIC’s Capital Requirements for Market Participants 15/08/2018
ASX ASX Proposed Changes to CHESS Subregister 10/08/2018
AFCA AFCA – Application of Proposed Rules to Wholesale Clients 02/08/2018
FASEA FASEA National Exam Proposal 31/07/2018
AFCA Proposed AFCA Rules 29/06/2018
FASEA Proposed Guidance on Education Pathways for Existing Advisers 29/06/2018
ASIC ASIC CP 300 Code Compliance Schemes 28/06/2018
FASEA  Code of Ethics for Financial Advisers  29/05/2018
Rice Warner Research into Removing the refundability of franking credits 02/05/2018
Treasury  Treasury Product Design Bill  15/02/2018
ASIC ASIC Draft Regulatory Guidance – Management Requirements 13/02/2018