Affiliate organisations provide ancillary services to the industry such as education, legal, accounting, technology, training, research and information services. By being an Affiliate you are recognised as supporting the stockbroking and investment advice industry, which strengthens the industry.

Voting rights

Affiliates have no voting entitlements. They are not subject to the SIAA Code of Ethical Conduct or Complaints Handling Process and Conduct Review and Disciplinary System.

Membership of SIAA committees and working groups

SIAA does not represent the interests of Affiliate organisations. Membership of SIAA committees and working groups is therefore not open to Affiliate organisations. They may be invited to attend committee and working group meetings to provide expert input on relevant topics.

CPD requirements

There is no CPD requirement for SIAA Affiliate organisations.

The Board of SIAA will also consider applications for individual Affiliates in some circumstances. 

To apply to become an Affiliate organisation, please contact the Member Services Manager on +61 2 8080 3201 or at [email protected].