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Defensive Darlings demanding their place

By Elfreda Jonker – Investment Specialist, Alphinity Investment Management Contrary to expectations, global equities have rallied since the first banking stress surfaced in the US during March. The MSCI World Index bounced by 6.7%, the S&P500 added 6.4%, whilst the Nasdaq rallied almost 10% (all in USD) since Silicon Valley Bank first announced

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How can financial advisers help Australian investors

Provided by ASX More Australians than ever are becoming investors. That means advisers have an opportunity to serve more customers – provided they can demonstrate value and meet the needs of a younger, more female-skewed investor cohort. The ASX Australian Investor Study has provided valuable insights into investor behaviour since 1986. This year’s

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The next frontier in AI: Computers that think like humans

Provided by Morgan Stanley Cognitive computing creates potential investment opportunities, as companies develop the technology and use it to transform their business. Key takeaways • Cognitive computing harnesses reams of data to simulate the human thought process and address complex problems. • Neuromorphic computing could power robots, self-driving cars and smart devices while

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