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The year in review

Judith Fox, CEO, SIAA We think you will agree that it has been another big year at Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (SIAA) and a year of significant change for our organisation. A new name The members of SIAA continue to make an incredible contribution to the financial wellbeing of their clients, to

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The return of yield

Provided by Kapstream For a time, the benefits from allocations to fixed income were vastly reduced as interest rates were lowered to stimulate our way out of the pandemic. Investors, in their chase for yield, reallocated into higher yielding and more volatile sectors within the asset class, either going down the credit spectrum,

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History of stockbroking in Australia

Since their origins in coffee-shop meetings of stockbrokers in London and Amsterdam four centuries ago, most stock exchanges around the world were structured as mutual organisations of stockbrokers. From the early share trading in the 1800’s, to the founding of state based stock exchanges, to the creation of CHESS in 1996 and to

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Unconscious bias

By Angela Godfrey, Angela Godfrey and Associates The proportionate representation of women in the stockbroking profession remains low, with 13%

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