SIAA Monthly – October 2022

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    • Inside insider trading
      In a nutshell, insider trading occurs when, an “insider” possessing inside information, who knows or reasonably ought to know that it is insider information, transacts or procures another person to transact in the relevant Division 3 financial products. The most simple example are shares.
    • Overseas listed infrastructure investment opportunities
      The considerable volatility impacting global markets in recent months has focused investor and adviser attention on the benefits of diversifying exposure to more defensive investments. In this ‘risk-off’ environment, investors have sought refuge in infrastructure, attracted by the inherent characteristics of the asset class including stable, long-term returns.
    • Tech migration – Defining markets to benefit all participants
      When Cboe Global Markets acquired Chi-X Australia in 2021, it committed to deliver new trading solutions and services to the Asia Pacific region by integrating the Australian business into its global business operations and Cboe’s state-of-the-art technology platform.


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