FASEA ethics course

Many advisers have yet to sit the mandatory FASEA exam. There is now only one more year in which advisers can sit the FASEA exam in order to continue to provide advice.

SAFAA is of the view that a fruitful approach for those yet to sit the exam is to undertake the mandatory FASEA ethics subject with QUT. There are multiple benefits to advisers who have not studied or sat exams for many years, including:

  • it is an excellent way of preparing for the FASEA exam
  • QUT provides great support to advisers — the ‘hand-holding’ provided by QUT familiarises advisers with the demands of study and completing assignments
  • Advisers are frequently highly skilled at presenting, but the FASEA exam demands writing skills and the adviser experience in the QUT Ethics course develops strength in this area
  • It also assists advisers to apply an ethical lens to questions relating to the provision of advice, which is the approach that the exam takes, so it builds capacity on this front too
  • The QUT Ethics course is also structured around the jobs of our brokers and their hours, and
  • It is the most cost-effective on offer.

Please note that SAFAA has no commercial arrangement with QUT. We are supporters of this course because of feedback we have had from members who have undertaken it, who advise that it has been of great benefit to them and because it is cost-effective.

The 12-week online course will commence Monday 22 February 2021. Benefits include weekly opportunities for one-on-one consultations, two assessments including a 1200-word assignment and a video presentation, followed by a two-hour open book exam.

You can apply here – the final page of the brochure provides instructions.