Managed Accounts workshop


Managed Accounts: It’s about you is a short course that focusses on the growing subject area of Managed Accounts.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of managed accounts, the pro’s and con’s of each and is designed to help both advisers and licensee staff be in an informed position as to what managed accounts are about. It is ideally suited for advisers, product managers and operations teams.

Practitioner Member $230.00
Organisation Member $265.00
Non-Member $295.00

Learning outcomes
At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • differentiate types of managed accounts
  • help work out what types of managed accounts may work for different types of client
  • be better equipped on how to select a managed account, or put one together
  • be better positioned to help their firms with a managed account strategy

About your presenter
Stuart Holdsworth has combined his extensive investment industry experience to become one of Australia’s thought leaders on managed accounts. Stuart is passionate about the growing consumer influences on the investment industry globally, and with Financial Simplicity, has helped enable over $30Bn in a myriad of managed account propositions (SMA, IMA, MDA, UMA) both here in Australia and internationally. Stuart is the CEO of Financial Simplicity, a member of the RegTech Association, and also a founder of the Institute of Managed Account Providers in Australia.

Is there any assumed re-requisite knowledge for attendees?
It is useful for attendees to understand:

  • the dynamics of market trading
  • concepts of asset allocation and diversified portfolios with respect to client wealth management
  • an understanding of financial products and services
  • fee for service best practice

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours
3 CPD hours will be offered to attendees. The 3 hours may be allocated in the following FASEA CPD areas (note: only 3 hours may be claimed):

  • Technical competence
  • General