Category: 2024

Gradually, then suddenly: The road to T+0

By Tony Lynch, CFO, FinClear From Hemingway to tokenisation Hemingway wrote: “How did you go bankrupt?” “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly” The same ways that settlement cycles moved from T+2 […]

Good as gold

By Grady Wulff, Tandem Securities As the saying goes, it’s as good as gold, and that could not be more relevant than in the current market environment both locally and […]

The API as a product

By Mark McCann and John Greenhow, Tecassa While they began as something only relevant in the technical domain when integrating software systems, Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are now seen […]

Interoperability trending in 2024

Provided by Michael Barbera, Chief Product Officer – Trading, Iress The race to improve the communication and exchange of data between applications – or interoperability – is at last beginning […]

Chipping away at the semiconductor market

Provided by Magellan It’s a fascinating time in the semiconductor chip market. Thanks to the proliferation of devices, and even cars, that are heavily dependent on chip availability, and geopolitical […]

Big changes proposed for Cboe Australia market

Provided by Michelle Huckel, Policy Manager, SIAA Cboe Australia is proposing an Australian launch of Cboe’s Global Listings Platform that will enable companies (domestic and foreign) and closed-ended investments (such […]