Growing the profession sustainably

By Alisdair Barr, Founder & CEO, Striver Careers

In today’s world, the investment management and stockbroking profession once again has a chance of becoming increasingly popular career options for undergraduates. However, despite the promising career opportunities, many students are still unaware of the benefits of pursuing a career in wealth management. This is where raising awareness about the profession becomes crucial. As the war for talent continues, having a voice with young professionals is paramount in attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry.

Striver has been working with wealth management firms for over 10 years and over that time we have seen firsthand the fulfilling career paths that exist within this profession. From portfolio management to financial planning, the industry offers a diverse range of roles that cater to various interests and skill sets. What’s more, the industry is constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities and challenges, making it an exciting and dynamic field to be a part of.

By virtue of its relationship with most of the universities in Australia, Striver has a connection with over 20,000 students on campus. We interact with them daily which means we know what they want. Students today are more career-focused than ever before, and they want to properly explore their options before making a final decision. This is Striver’s secret sauce — we provide a platform for students to connect with wealth management firms, learn about the profession and explore the career opportunities available to them.

But why is it so important to engage with young professionals before they complete their qualifications? Well, for starters, this is the generation that is going to shape the future of the industry. Engaging with them early on can help firms understand their needs and preferences and adapt to the changing landscape accordingly. Furthermore, by engaging with young professionals, firms can build a pipeline of talented individuals, who can be groomed to become the next generation of leaders.

If you want to be a firm of the future, paying attention here will give you a huge advantage. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and firms that fail to adapt to the changing landscape risk getting left behind. By engaging with young professionals early on, firms can stay ahead of the curve, and build a reputation as an employer of choice.

Engaging with Striver can help you promote your firm and your profession and get you better results while helping start fulfilling careers for young professionals. We have a proven track record of connecting students with wealth management firms and helping them find their ideal career path. Furthermore, by partnering with us, firms can leverage our extensive network and reach a wider audience, which can help them attract top talent.

We know the wealth management profession offers a range of exciting and fulfilling career paths — we just need to come together to better tell that story to raise awareness of the profession. By doing so, you will have a pipeline of talent that can grow with you as your firm, and the overall profession, grows and prospers.

SIAA’s Diversity , Equity & Inclusion Working Group is actively considering approaches to raise awareness of the stockbroking and investment advice profession with university students.