Derivatives Accreditation – FY23 Scholarships now open

By Silvana Eccles, Education & Operations Manager, Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association

Providing continuous learning whilst adding to existing skill set and experience are often the most important part of career progression increasing your ability to retain staff.

The derivatives accreditation program provides a great opportunity for desk assistants, operations staff and junior advisers to expand their knowledge and understanding of equity markets through derivatives.

Level 1 Accreditation

The subject content examines in detail the derivatives sector of the finance and investment industry and the range of market participants and product types. The characteristics and uses of various derivative products are considered in-depth in order to determine their suitability and application in a wealth creation strategy. Also covered are the regulatory and taxation environments affecting the use of derivatives products.

The SIAA website also features a training video to help you on your journey.

Level 2 Accreditation

Expands on knowledge learnt via the level 1 accreditation with a focus on margins, advanced trading strategies and provides successful students the ability to advise clients in all option strategies. Perfect for those that completed Level 1 accreditation last year.

Scholarship Details/Benefits

To help advisers meet accreditation requirements for advising clients on options ASX, together with the Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association (SIAA), are offering ADA 1 and ADA 2 Scholarships.
Scholarship recipients have three (3) months to complete either course unless when enrolling in both where twelve (12) months’ time is provided.

If claiming Professional Standards CPD, both courses provide 20 Professional Standards CPD hours, the breakdown as follows: Technical competence 10 hours | Regulatory compliance and consumer protection 5 hours | General 5 hours. Scholarships are designed to help advisers expand their knowledge and understanding of derivative products.

Each Scholarship is valued up to $400 and covers the full cost of the ADA 1 or ADA 2 enrolment plus a complimentary one-hour training session.

As an incentive for ASX Market Participants we are running a competition whereby the participant that has the most candidates complete derivatives accreditation by June 2023 will win a lunch/dinner with ASX and SIAA for five staff members.

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