Introduction to stockbroking

Australia’s financial markets are among the most sophisticated and well regulated markets in the world. Central to the operation of efficient markets is the role of stockbrokers.

The Introduction to stockbroking workshop provides an overview of Australia’s financial markets and the critical role that stockbrokers play in both retail and institutional markets. A short history of stockbroking in Australia sets the scene for explanation of the current market structure, operations and regulation.

A high-level view of stockbroking and financial advisory operations including order taking, transaction and settlement will provide insight into the different systems involved and allow for a discussion of the different business models in stockbroking today.

Learning outcomes

Attendees will expect to walk away with a solid understanding of the following:

  • Operation of Financial Markets
  • Financial Products
  • Taxation
  • Stockbroking Operations
  • Regulation
  • Acronym Alert – an explanation of common acronyms and jargon

Who should attend the workshop?

The workshop is designed for individuals who are back office and/or auxiliary staff and any other supporting personnel in stockbroking and financial advisory firms, along with newcomers to the industry. People working in other financial services businesses may also benefit and deepen their understanding of the stockbroking and financial advising industry.

Is there any assumed pre-requisite knowledge for attendees?

There is no assumed knowledge for participants of this workshop.


FASEA CPD Areas 2.0 hours:
1.0 hour Regulatory compliance and consumer protection
0.5 hour Technical competence
0.5 hour General

ASIC Knowledge Requirements
2.0 hours Generic knowledge


This interactive workshop includes a 15 minute break and will be held via Zoom Meeting. All participants will be encouraged to share their video and participate verbally as questions are asked.

Handouts will be provided.

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