Margin Lending Accreditation

There are two Margin Lending Accreditations:

  1. Margin Lending Accreditation – this is a 1.5 hour online exam (+ 15 minutes reading time. 40 multiple choice questions, 80% passmark).  This accreditation meets the training requirements under ASIC Regulatory Guide RG146 to provide retail advice in specialist knowledge for Margin Lending at a Tier 1 level; and
  2. Margin Lending Skills Accreditation – this is a Case Study Assignment that meets the “Skills” component for ASIC Regulatory Guide RG146 (in Margin Lending) at Tier 1 level.


In 2008, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that the Australian Government should adopt responsibility for the national regulation of consumer credit, including margin lending facilities. The Corporations Legislation Amendment (Financial Services Modernisation) Bill 2009, setting

out amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth) and the Corporations Regulations, was subsequently passed by Federal Parliament in late 2009.

Before the legislative changes, margin loans were not directly regulated. The Corporations Act did not cover credit products such as margin loans, and State and Territory legislation governing consumer credit excluded investment loans such as margin lending.

A concern was that the lack of regulation meant investors were not fully aware of the risks associated with margin lending products. These risks were brought home to many investors during the market volatility experienced in the global financial crisis.

Margin Lending is now explicitly included as a financial product for the purposes of Chapter 7 of the Act.

Defining margin lending as a financial product has a range of consequences, including that providers of financial services in relation to margin loans are now subject to the licensing, conduct and disclosure requirements in Chapter 7. Margin lending providers must ensure that their representatives are adequately trained and competent.

Advisers on margin lending must fulfil the training requirements under Regulatory Guide 146 ‘Licensing: Training of financial product advisers’ (RG 146). RG 146 sets out minimum standards for the training of all advisers, and has been updated to include margin lending as a Tier 1 product.

An adviser who provides advice on Tier 1 products must undertake:

  • training in generic knowledge of the environment in which the products operate, and
  • specialist knowledge training on the financial products on which advice is provided.

The Margin Lending Accreditation is intended to provide specialist knowledge training for advisers providing advice on margin lending facilities, as set out in Appendix A2 of RG 146.

If an adviser provides personal advice, they are also required to complete approved training courses covering relevant skills.

The Margin Lending Skills Accreditation is intended for those candidates who have already completed courses on ‘providing advice in …’ other financial products such as securities, managed investments, derivatives and/or superannuation. Candidates should be familiar with the advice giving process already. The focus of the Margin Lending Skills Accreditation is the advice giving process – not the bigger picture of being a licensee and complying with legislative requirements. Most of the detail is about the skills of giving advice – fact finding, setting objectives, evaluating products, justifying solutions, presenting solutions and negotiating outcomes.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Margin Lending Accreditation provides 10 FASEA CPD hours to candidates. The Margin Lending Skills provides 10 FASEA CPD hours to candidates. See breakdown for FASEA areas:

FASEA CPD Area Margin Lending Accreditation Margin Lending Skills
Technical  competence 5 hours 5 hours
Regulatory compliance and consumer protection 4 hours 4 hours
General 1 hour 1 hour
Total Hours 10 hours 10 hours


Regarding RG146 CPD, candidates may claim 10 hours of CPD in Generic, Securities and/or Margin Lending, and including up to 6 hours of Compliance CPD for completing Margin Lending Accreditation.


Learning outcomes

The Margin Lending Accreditation covers the areas of:

  • Gearing
  • Margin Lending
  • Alternative means of achieving geared exposure
  • Tax deductibility of the interest
  • Franked dividends
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Compliance topics

Is there any assumed pre-requisite knowledge?

There is no assumed knowledge for this accreditation.

Assessment details

Margin Lending Accreditation:

1 x Online Exam (Open or Closed Book, 40 questions, 1.5hrs + 15min reading time, 80% pass mark)

Margin Lending Skills Accreditation:

1 x Assignment (Case Study, 80% pass mark)

Suggested study hours

Margin Lending Accreditation: Allow up to 120 hours

Margin Lending Skills Accreditation: Allow up to 120 hours

How does the accreditation process work?
Accreditations are administered for us by Western Sydney University The College RTO (The College), a division of Western Sydney University.  Please note: enrolments close at 3.00pm every Thursday Sydney time.

  • Candidate enrols online/registration is received
  • Candidate receives Confirmation email from SAFAA acknowledging enrolment, and that WSU The College will send details the following Friday
  • Candidate receives Welcome email from WSU The College on Friday with all accreditation information/materials
  • Candidate completes and returns Exam Booking Form to book in their exam day/time. This must be done at least 2 days prior to exam
  • WSU The College releases exam/closes exam at designated day/time
  • The Candidate’s approved Supervisor supervises exam, and returns the Declaration by Exam Supervisor to WSU The College
  • Candidate receives result (results are issued end of each day). Candidate receives Certificate (Certificates are issued end of each month, following receipt of Declaration by Exam Supervisor).

Margin Lending

Non-Member: $280.00
Organisation Member: $280.00
Practitioner Member: $280.00


Margin Lending Resit

Non-Member: $250.00
Organisation Member: $250.00
Practitioner Member: $250.00


Margin Lending Skills

Non-Member: $200.00
Organisation Member: $200.00
Practitioner Member: $200.00


Margin Lending Skills Remark

Non-Member: $200.00
Organisation Member: $200.00
Practitioner Member: $200.00


Useful downloads

Enrolment form (to be completed and returned by candidates who are not enrolling online via this website)

Supervisor Guidelines

SAFAA/WSU The College Exam Booking Form (to be completed and returned by candidate at least 2 days prior to them sitting their online exam)

Summary of Assessment

Online Terms and Conditions

Enrolments close at 3.00pm every Thursday Sydney time.