Professional development topics

·  Code of ethics – meeting values ·  Corporations Act – sections relevant to advisers
·  Effective documentation practices for advisers ·  FASEA professional standards – are you match fit?
·  Fraud detection, breach register and reporting policy ·  How will ASX’s blockchain change how everything is done?
·  FASEA – how its Code of Ethics applies to stockbroking ·  Impact investing – how have funds performed?
· Marketing for investment advisers – how to gain new clients and use social media ·  Panel: Cybersecurity – surveillance monitoring, cyber insurance and more
·  Panel: Attracting women to a profession in investment advice ·  Marketing for investment advisers – how to sell the value of advice
· Incremental tax advice – are you match fit? ·  Panel: Rethinking defensive strategies
·  Portfolio construction – know your client ·  Technology – friend or foe?
·  Understanding the characteristics of bonds ·  Workshop: Managed accounts
·  When ASIC issues a notice  · Holistic approach to advice