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Does the wholesale investor test need to change?

SAFAA has issued a discussion paper examining the question of whether the whole sale investor test needs to change. The SAFAA paper includes discussion on whether there is evidence of harm to support calls for change and how the test is applied.

Loss of purchasing power emerges as key investment risk

Financial advisers face an unfamiliar risk this year when constructing and maintaining client portfolios: the loss of investor purchasing power as inflation rises. Signs of higher inflation abound.

The quality of advice review - terms of reference

SAFAA recommends that the terms of reference be amended to include a consideration of how the regulatory framework could better enable the provision of the full range of financial advice, not just financial planning advice.

China remains a high value target zone

The recent wave of regulatory reform in China has been highly visible, resulting in a knee-jerk reaction among investors, some of whom are questioning the viability of investing in China. There is precedence for major policy reforms, although historically not at this pace.

New education standards put the profession back on a sustainable footing

The Government’s proposals to reset education standards for financial advisers have been welcomed by SAFAA as restoring common sense to education standards to the benefit of Australians needing by putting the profession back on a sustainable footing.

How do I become a Stockbroker

• Undertake a relevant degree
• Complete an ethics course
• Become RG146 accredited
• Sit the Financial adviser exam

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