CPD webinars

SIAA accredited CPD webinars are offered free to Principal, Practitioner and Affiliate members. Content will be delivered via panels, interactive discussion, presentations and quizzes and to be eligible for CPD you will need to participate in the webinar live.

These will be held on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 1.00pm with additional sessions from time to time. Webinars will include the opportunity for Q&A as well as a brief quiz for CPD accreditation.

Taking the leap to a digital solution

Complement your traditional business model by offering an online investing solution

Wednesday 24 August from 1.00 to 2.00pm AEST

SIAA’s CEO, Judith Fox, will moderate an insightful discussion with industry luminaries whose firms have successfully navigated the leap and are now offering a digital investing solution. Hear about the challenges and opportunities which led these firms to launch an online solution, the steps they took to implement it, and what the outcomes have been. Come prepared to take away key learnings and experiences to assist your strategic thinking on how to assess the issues involved in launching your own digital investing solution as a means to reach and engage with next-generation clients more successfully.

Judith Fox, CEO, SIAA

Prior to SIAA, Judith was CEO of the Australian Shareholders’ Association. She was National Director, Policy & Advocacy at Governance Institute of Australia and has been a member of the ASX Corporate Governance Council since 2005. She has been a member of Standards Australia’s Governance and Risk Management Committees and the ASIC Business Advisory Committee. In 2014, she was named in Australia’s 100 Women of Influence for her work in policy.  

Trent Doughty, Senior Client Director, Kelly & Partners Private Wealth

Trent has over 25 years financial markets and investment experience in Australia and Asia.  He is Head of Kelly & Partners Private Wealth and was previously a Senior Investment Director at BT Financial Group. During his career Trent has been an investment advisor for global private banks, including Merrill Lynch, Citibank and Deutsche Bank and also worked in Investment Banking for WestLB. He has advised a number of regions wealthiest families on their investment strategies and portfolios.  

James Gerrish, Lead Portfolio Manager, Market Matters

James is Market Matters Lead Portfolio Manager with ultimate responsibility for all portfolio decisions. He is also a Senior Portfolio Manager at Shaw & Partners managing discretionary portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, family offices & charities within Australia & abroad. James has more than 15 years portfolio management experience, leads a team of investment professionals that assist ~3000 subscribers on their investment journey and is a regular contributor to mainstream media.  

Sam Mackay, Director/Principal Investment Adviser, Mackay Private

Sam has a breadth of experience working with clients and families that require a high standard of service and technical knowledge. Working within Australia’s leading Private Banks has helped Sam develop renowned skills, knowledge and frameworks to manage clients with complex financial situations successfully. Sam specialises in structuring, strategic planning, and investment management across multiple entities. Sam is known for his clear and transparent communication style, assisting clients in understanding strategies and considerations.  

Professional standards CPD: 1.0 Client care and practice
ASIC RG146: 1.0 Generic Knowledge

Webinar Attendees - Taking the leap to a digital solution

24 August 2022 @ 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Non-Member: $55.00
Organisation Member: $0.00
Practitioner Member: $0.00

Maximise profit and optimise your business value

Wednesday 14 September from 1.00 to 1.45pm AEST

Industry profitability and valuation benchmarking data indicates there are vast differences between average and top performance. To achieve benchmark results, leading advice businesses are implementing a range of innovative strategies focusing on automation, employee of choice processes and succession planning. By attending this ‘profit and value driver’ webinar you will be introduced to a succession planning guide and online course to help you address and resolve practice succession issues.

Grant Bloxham, CEO & Founder, Bstar

Established in 2001, Bstar empowers professional and financial advisers to enrich the lives of their business clients. Bstar does this by offering automated business valuation, advisory and succession planning solutions.  Grant is considered an industry thought leader on how finance professionals can grow their business advisory services revenue and attract ideal clients to their practice.

Professional standards CPD: 0.75 Client care and practice
ASIC RG146: 0.75 Generic Knowledge

Webinar Attendees - Maximise profit and optimise your business value

14 September 2022 @ 01:00 pm – 01:45 pm

Non-Member: $55.00
Organisation Member: $0.00
Practitioner Member: $0.00

How margin lending supports wealth creation

Wednesday 28 September from 1.00 to 2.00pm AEST

Even in today’s financial environment not all debt is bad. James Winder will outline the rules for prudent wealth creation, what to be careful of and the potential for amplified returns available to investors with an appropriate time horizon and clear strategy. He will explain the margin call process, basic calculations on how much a client can borrow and why a client would use margin lending.

James Winder, Business Development Manager, Leveraged
James is a specialist in margin lending, enabling clients to deliver long term elevated returns by using sensible gearing strategies. James educates advisers on the variety of strategies available to clients who use gearing to achieve their wealth goals.

Professional standards CPD: 1.0 Technical competence
ASIC RG146: 1.0 Generic Knowledge

Webinar Attendees - How margin lending supports wealth creation

28 September 2022 @ 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Non-Member: $55.00
Organisation Member: $0.00
Practitioner Member: $0.00

The ‘Essential Eight’ – keys to protecting your business

Wednesday 12 October from 1.00 to 2.00pm AEST

Frances Russell, a leading Australian Managed Service and Security Provider, will outline what is the ‘Essential Eight’ and why businesses are being urged to implement them? The ‘Essential Eight’ is a key tool for understanding how a business can describe where they are at, and where they should aim to be. Discussion will include practical ways to implement the ‘Essential Eight’ and case studies will be used to show why companies have committed to the essential eight.

Frances Russell, CEO and Managing Director, FooForce

Frances is a network engineer and specialises in security and risk management. She holds internationally recognised ISACA certifications CISA CISM CRISC and has 20+ years experience advising organisations on business risk, IT strategy and security. FooForce provides cyber security, IT strategy alignment, information security audit including cloud security, cyber risk awareness and full IT support services to companies across many sectors including financial services.

Professional standards CPD: 1.0 Regulatory compliance and consumer protection
ASIC RG146: 1.0 Generic Knowledge

Webinar Attendees - The ‘Essential Eight’ – keys to protecting your business

12 October 2022 @ 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Non-Member: $55.00
Organisation Member: $0.00
Practitioner Member: $0.00

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