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SIAA Monthly – September 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – September edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES The Client File Something that should be relatively unambiguous is often the source of plenty of debate when licensees are […]

SIAA Monthly – August 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – August edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES 2H23 outlook: Transitions take time and require patience Global recession has been delayed but not denied.  Above and beyond: how […]

SIAA Monthly – July 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – July edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES A new framework for understanding the sustainability of business models – Part 2 This two-part series is based on Altiorem’s […]

SIAA Monthly – June 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – June edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Competitive advantage through digital empowerment: Part 1 – Market Access There was a time when the Australian stockbroking industry was […]

SIAA Monthly – May 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – May edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES The sprint to catch up: why Australia needs to move fast to regain its place in financial market innovation Stockbrokers, wealth managers and online trading platforms operate right at the core of financial markets. Market infrastructure is the gears in the machine beneath them, with […]

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SIAA Monthly – April 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – April edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Developing advice tailored for women: why the time is now They are increasingly making financial decisions, are at the receiving end of wealth transfers and are growing in affluence. Women are increasingly becoming a business opportunity for forward-thinking advice practices.  A new framework for understanding […]

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SIAA Monthly – March 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – March edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Light at the end of the tunnel  The economists’ verdict is in: 2023 will be a tough year as higher prices and higher interest rates drive many economies into recession. But are they too gloomy? Fidelity’s annual Analyst Survey, polling 152 experts who cover real […]

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SIAA Monthly – February 2023

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – February edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES The future is closer than we think Like many, I find it’s always a worthwhile experience over January whilst there are fewer interruptions to catch up on some broader reading and deeper thinking. It forces me to question my assumptions, and to think again about […]

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SIAA Monthly – December 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – December edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES Five consumer trends impacting advice and your selection of technology  Technology is increasingly seamless as it integrates with our daily activities. Now, when we encounter a digital experience that isn’t smooth, it can be a deeply jarring and disconcerting. As a result, the digital experience we […]

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SIAA Monthly – November 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – November edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES From the roaring 1920s to 2022 ASX listed investment company Whitefield [Whitefield Industrials Ltd ASX Code:WHF] is currently in its 100th year of operation. The company holds a diverse portfolio of ASX listed shares and  Does Australia need nuclear energy to reach net-zero by 2050?  […]

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