We have a new name

We are excited to announce that we have received unanimous support from members to change our Member Association name to Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association, or SIAA (formerly Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association).

A special resolution approving the name change was passed at a general meeting of members on 23 March 2022. Our members voted unanimously in support of the new name.

This exciting change:

  • reflects accurately the breadth of our membership’s roles and responsibilities, given that not all of our members provide financial advice — our members are full-service and online brokers, execution-only participants and providers of wealth advice and portfolio management services
  • confirms that all of our members are involved in facilitating investing and serving the interests of investors — that is the ethos that binds our member community
  • distinguishes our members from other types of financial advice providers such as financial planners, risk advisers and mortgage brokers.
  • clarifies to the broader community our members’ role in personal wealth generation over the long term by investing in equity and debt markets
  • assists regulators in better targeting appropriate legislation for the relevant professions.

Our values and mission remail the same, but our name change clarifies who our members are and the financial service they provide. The tagline accompanying our new name — ‘Serving the interests of investors’ — aligns with our purpose and captures the fiduciary relationship our members have with investors.

All staff email addresses and the URL for our website remain the same (that is, [email protected] and www.stockbrokers.org.au).