Trade for good on 22 November

Provided by the ASX.

When markets open on 22 November firms from across our industry can support those in need, by joining the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation – Markets Day for Charity.

Principal partner nabtrade will donate a full day’s brokerage revenue and ASX will contribute the revenue generated from accessing their cash equity platform for the day.

The day begins with a bell ringing ceremony at market open for partners, donors, charities and the media. “The opening bell and closing of the market for the day are great markers of achievement,” says Adam Bradley, General Manager Tech & Data Sales at ASX. “There’s an incredible sense of purpose and community that energises all of us.”

Nearly two dozen organisations have already committed to this year’s Markets Day for Charity, and the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation is inviting firms to show their support.  This could be pledging either a day’s brokerage, a percentage of the day’s revenue or simply a fixed amount. “Any involvement and contribution will make an incredible difference to the organisations that we are supporting,” says Mr Bradley.

Supporting charities that transform lives

Since 1996, the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation has raised and distributed more than $32million to a range of charities across Australia.  In 2021, Markets Day for Charity raised a total of $663,000 for those in need.

Each year the Foundation supports a selection of children’s, disability and medical research charities. Applications are required to be completed and submitted by February.  Interviews are then conducted with each organisation and recommendations made for the Foundation’s board approval for charities to support over the next 12 months.

Bronwyn Sheenan is the CEO and Founder of Pyjama Foundation, which supports children in foster care. She says the Foundation’s support has been instrumental in helping transform lives. “With the funds raised, the Pyjama Foundation has been able to change the life of more than 200 children by providing them with a learning mentor who empowers them with learning, life skills, and confidence to achieve their dreams,” she says.

Neuroscience Research Australia CEO Professor Peter Schofield AO says participation in the event has led to an increased profile for his organisation’s work and more efficiency in fundraising. “The income enables us to be effective in fulfilling our mission: to discover new and better interventions for diseases of the brain and nervous system,” he says.

“Both donors and sponsors will be proud to know that funds raised are used to manage the recruitment and deployment of healthy volunteer trial participants by a much-needed coordinator.”

Among the dozen charities being supported by the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation this year include Little Wings, which provides medical transportation services for sick children and their families across regional NSW. Another is the Making Waves Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of young people with disabilities through sailing programs.  The foundation has also recently added the Women’s Resilience Centre, which provides a support and refuge for women who have experienced trauma, violence or abuse.

How to get involved

Contributing organisations have the option to nominate their preferred charities to be supported, with the 100% of the funds facilitated through the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation.

“There are many benefits to participating in the fundraising day,” says Mr Bradley. “It allows us as a business and our staff to get behind organisations that are doing fantastic work in our communities and gives investors a chance to create a social impact through their trading activity.”

To pledge your support and get involved, contact Gerard Doyle, General Manager at the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation. Email [email protected] or visit