Australia’s first private company universal platform to revolutionise cap raising process

Provided by FinClear

Corporate advisers running multiple capital raisings for clients every year will be aware how cumbersome, time consuming, and still largely manual these processes are. FCX’s recently launched facilities will revolutionise the process for advisors, their clients and investors.

FCX was built for the private investment sector, to replicate the listed market ‘user experience’ for unlisted assets. It is Australia’s first universal platform built specifically for private companies, enabling these companies and their advisers to manage their company cap table, capital raises, employee equity, shareholder liquidity and much more.

FCX utilises leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure and couples the deep capital markets experience of its parent company, FinClear, to automate and streamline the many arduous administration tasks associated with managing a company’s investors and securities.

FCX allows advisers to replace paperwork with digital workflows, enhancing efficiencies, accuracy, and security. It saves time whilst also optimising the clients’ experience with a one-stop solution that does the heavy lifting, from on-boarding client cap tables to automating capital raising. Advisers also benefit from atomic settlement giving a real-time view of funds raised, with investor information and required documentation.

Click on the link below for an FCX demonstration showcasing real-time cash and capital raising features, hosted by David Ferrall, CEO of FinClear and Dean Jagger, Head of FCX. And for more information or to speak with the company click here

FCX demonstration


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