SIAA Monthly – October 2023

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    • How do you solve a problem like CHESS?
      If you have CHESS fatigue, you are not alone. You have been hearing about the ASX’s attempt to upgrade its clearing and settlement system with distributed ledger technology on and off for seven years now. After recent developments, the case looks more challenging than ever. Why is the CHESS replacement project so frustrating for everyone – including the ASX itself?
    • Navigating the challenges of deregistered companies
      The Australian Corporations Act, section 601AD ‘Effect of de-registration’, states that assets of a deregistered company rest with ASIC. This is becoming a hot topic on the sell-side following a recent court decision resulting in Westpac being fined a significant sum for paying out funds to deregistered companies, described by this ASIC Media Release.
    • Short-term weakness in commodity prices creates opportunity
      PM Capital is often asked for its view on the commodities supercycle. Companies that produce energy and industrial metals had a combined 29% weighting in the PM Capital Global Companies Fund at end-July 2023. Our positions in copper, oil and coal companies have contributed to the Fund’s strong performance.
    • Aspiring higher
      What Australian wealth management firms can learn from Aspiriant’s growth model.
      A patient and intentional growth strategy has seen Aspiriant become one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the US. CEO and Co-Founder Rob Francais shares how his commitment to creating a national service partnership model has established the foundation for scalable, sustainable success.
    • Adopting AI into your practice today
      As we look ahead to the next five years, we see several key areas where artificial intelligence (AI) and adjacent technologies should have a real impact. Not surprisingly, these touch all parts of the advice process including portfolio construction and management, financial advice, the client experience, back-office administration, and compliance and risk support. 
    • Rekindling the interest in bonds amid peaking rates
      Of landings, both hard and soft
      That the fastest rate hike cycle in forty years would trigger a recession in the US was seemingly a straightforward conclusion earlier this year. Yet, more than 500 basis points of rate hikes in, the US economy remains surprisingly resilient. Inflation has softened without a meaningful increase in unemployment, and growth has stayed relatively firm despite the regional banking sector crisis in March. 
    • NETS upgrade implementation
      NSX is upgrading its NETS trading platform, supplied by Nasdaq on 30 October 2023.


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