SIAA Monthly – March 2023

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    • Light at the end of the tunnel 
      The economists’ verdict is in: 2023 will be a tough year as higher prices and higher interest rates drive many economies into recession. But are they too gloomy? Fidelity’s annual Analyst Survey, polling 152 experts who cover real businesses on the ground, paints a more hopeful picture.
    • Benefits of international investing
      International investing provides investors with many benefits, such as diversification, access to different technologies, and potentially higher returns. Despite this opportunity, investors tend to exhibit a “home bias” and have maintained an allocation to their home nation that is potentially more than warranted. While not one specific geographical security allocation suits all investors, it is essential to remain open and examine the possibilities that international investing can achieve. 
    • The cornerstone of our cash flow solution 
      The best financial advice strategies can fall short without clear visibility of client cash flow. That’s why CHG Integrated Wealth runs a Cash Hub for every client – keeping them accountable and on track towards their goals. 


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