SAFAA Monthly – Feb 2022

  • Loss of purchasing power emerges as key investment risk: New thinking on asset allocation needed as inflation and rates hit inflection point.
    A financial legacy of the pandemic will be a significant reallocation of assets that has barely begun. … It leads to a … questioning of the underlying assumptions used to form investment decisions. This includes an evolution of the proper measure of risk in a world where risk-as-volatility may clash with the risk of loss of purchasing power.” – AllianceBernstein 
  • Equity Markets: Key 2021 trends and looking ahead to 2022: As the Australian economy continues to recover from the COVID- 19 pandemic, how has the equities market been holding up? What major trends defined this asset class during 2021, and what’s the outlook for the year ahead?
  • How ASIC investigates insider trading: The most common triggers for an ASIC investigation into insider trading are a trading alert by ASIC’s electronic market surveillance system or a tip off of information given to ASIC.
  • How a 32-year long investment strategy sustains profitable growth into an uncertain future: Investors are keenly focussed on how policymakers will react to current levels of inflation.

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