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Annual conference

Equips stockbrokers and financial advisers to embrace technological, social and regulatory change

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Accredited education

Accelerate your career with our leading courses - Securities and Managed Investments, Accredited Derivatives Adviser Level 1 and 2.


SIAA advocates for ethical, efficient and stable listed equity and debt markets in Australia.


SIAA offers education and continuing professional development for professionals in stockbroking and private financial advisory roles.

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The underlying issues with SPACs

By Peter Milios, Corporate Connect Research Although they have been around for decades, SPACs – or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies – grew increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, with recorded SPAC

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SIAA Newsroom

Unconscious bias

By Angela Godfrey, Angela Godfrey and Associates The proportionate representation of women in the stockbroking profession remains low, with 13% female membership of SIAA likely a fairly accurate representation of

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SIAA Monthly – November 2022

DOWNLOAD SIAA Monthly – November edition PDF   FEATURE ARTICLES From the roaring 1920s to 2022 ASX listed investment company Whitefield [Whitefield Industrials Ltd ASX Code:WHF] is currently in its

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