The Stockbrokers And Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) is the peak body for the stockbroking and financial advisory industry. 

SAFAA has both corporate and individual practitioner members.

Corporate Members comprise leading Australian retail and institutional stockbroking and financial advisory firms and investment banks. 

Practitioner members comprise those employed in the stockbroking and financial advisory industry. Individuals can be Master Members (MSAFAA), or Members (MeSAFAA). Many are employed by SAFAA's Corporate Members.

Persons employed in ancillary industries, such as exchanges, regulators, or legal and accounting firms are eligible for Affiliate Membership (AfSAFAA).

Corporate members rely on SAFAA for its policy and advocacy skills.

Practitioner members turn to SAFAA for specialist education and training, and to work with their peers in resolving industry issues.

The Association strives to ensure ethical, efficient and stable listed capital and debt markets.

Phone - (02) 8080-3200 | Address - Level 6, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 | Postal - PO Box R1461, Royal Exchange NSW 1225