DMA, Algorithmic & High Frequency Trading Workshop

DMA, Algorithmic & High Frequency Trading Workshop - 2CPD (Compliance)

Are you confused by all the talk about Algorithmic Trading, High Frequency trading and the 'May 6 Flash Crash'?

Rapid technological advances and market changes overseas have radically changed the nature and appearance of on-market trading and these same changes are quickly unfolding in Australia as well.

This two-hour workshop looks at the growing trend of electronic trading, including Automated Order Processing (or Direct Market Access), Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Trading.

The workshop will focus on:

  • The types of algorithmic trading and High Frequency Trading strategies that are being used in Australian and overseas
  • The debate about the impact of HFT and Algorithmic Trading on equities trading globally
  • The regulatory obligations that apply to brokers using DMA or algorithmic trading
  • Potential dangers of electronic trading, including market manipulation and disorderly markets
  • Events such as the "May 6 Flash Crash".

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